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Our actions are governed by the Forum's constitution. We communicate with members, policy makers and funding bodies through a variety of documents.


We issue three newsletters each year, keeping members and their organisations informed about forthcoming events and activities and facilitating and encouraging participation in both these Forum events and wider Forum membership.

Past issues of the CRF newsletter:

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Coal Research and Engineering Needs in the UK

The Coal Research and Engineering Needs in the UK report considers the technology development pathways and the specific areas of research, development and demonstration (R,D&D) where further work is needed to meet short-term and longer-term coal utilisation objectives from a United Kingdom perspective.

This report addresses the projected global role of coal, technology options, and specific UK research requirements and funding sources for clean coal R,D&D. It proposes priorities and a structure for the UK R&D programme.

The purpose of this report is to assist both governmental and industrial strategy and policy makers in reaching decisions that will help to ensure that coal can continue to play a significant and sustainable role within the UK and world energy scene.

In addition, the APGTF, (Advanced Power Generation Technologies Forum), CCSA, (Carbon Capture and Storage Association), the KTN, (Knowledge Transfer Network) and the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre, (UKCCSRC), together with the Coal Research Forum, have organised and co-funded a joint workshop on Thursday 15th October 2015 at Mary Sumner House in London to identify innovative research and development solutions to support the next generation of Carbon Capture and Storage, (CCS), projects in the UK.  This event was well attended by over 100 participants representing virtually all of the stakeholders with interests in CCS in the UK, including power generation companies, energy intensive industrial organisations, technology providers, academics and associated supply chain companies and funders.  The following document was produced from this meeting, which summarises future Carbon Capture and Storage research needs in the UK.

Coal R&D Successes in the UK

The Coal R&D Successes in the UK report demonstrates that the coal R&D undertaken in the UK over the past decades has resulted in many successes and provided substantial benefits. It gives examples of coal preparation and utilisation R&D projects in terms of the resulting technical, commercial and environmental benefits.

Members of the Coal Research Forum consider that coal R&D in the UK must be sustained in order to continue to provide technical and environmental improvements, and thus help to keep coal competitive and provide export opportunities for British industry.

Whilst major advances have been made in developing competitive clean coal technologies, there is still scope for further technical and environmental improvements to current coal utilisation and the opportunity of even better performance with new generations of clean coal technology. Maintaining a strong coal R&D base will help industry benefit from opportunities within the UK and abroad.