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The Coal Research Forum has now become the Fuel and Energy Research”, please see the new website at www.tferf.org

This website will remain on-line for the foreseeable future as it contains information on past events

Welcome to the Coal Research Forum

Coal research is, once again, a hot topic. Coal is recognised worldwide as an essential component of the energy mix required for modern life styles, because it provides a widely-distributed, secure and reliable source of energy that is relatively easy to obtain. Clean coal technology is the order of the day, with particular attention being paid to carbon capture and storage in view of global warming and carbon dioxide emissions from coal usage.

It is in the context of the challenges associated with coal utilisation in the UK that the Coal Research Forum acts as a focal point, providing a means of communication between industry, universities and policy-makers. Our technical divisions organise meetings on a wide variety of current issues throughout the year. We hold an annual meeting to report on the activities of the Forum and provide an update on current policies and funding opportunities, and our biennial conference on 'Coal Research and its Applications' has become an established international event. We gather and publicise information through a variety of documents and keep our members informed of coal-related news through three issues of the CRF Newsletter each year.


Our three main aims are:

We work to achieve these aims by:

Contact details

Please email the Secretary, David McCaffrey (mail@coalresearchforum.org) for further information.

The Coal Research Forum
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