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Monday, 15th September

Keynote address: Future power generation from coal in the UK – policy, technologies and supporting research

M Pourkashanian, Professor of Energy Engineering , University of Leeds, UK


Session 1A - CO2 capture technology


10.00 Pilot plant results for advanced CO2 capture process using amine scrubbing
Adam Tatarczuk, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
10.20 Integration of calcium looping technology in existing cement plant for CO2 capture: process simulation and economic perspectives
Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
10.40 Identification of heat integration opportunities in calcium looping CO2 capture plant
Dawid Hanak, Cranfield University, UK
11.00 CCS system modelling: enabling technology to help accelerate commercialisation and manage technology risk
Adekola Lawal, Process Systems Enterprise, UK

Session 1B - Gasification 1


10.00 Production of syngas by pressurised fluidised bed gasification of German lignite in a steam/carbon dioxide atmosphere
Xiangyi Long, Imperial College London, UK
10.20 Study of operating and material parameters for continuous lock-free feeding into gasification using briquetting press
Alexander Rosin, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
10.40 Pressurized gasification of coal chars under CO2/CO atmospheres – a kinetic study
Martyna Tomaszewicz, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
11.00 Kinetic analysis of redox reactions of natural Fe-based oxygen carriers by using TG method
Piotr Babinski, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland


Session 2A - Modelling of oxy-fuel and CCS


11.45 Modelling and simulation of a coal-fired supercritical power plant integrated to a CO2 capture plant
Elvis Agbonghae, University of Leeds, UK
12.05 Estimation of density for partially carbonated alkanolamine solutions using quantitative structure-property relationships (QSPR)
Marcin Stec, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
12.25 LES and RANS of air and oxy-coal combustion in a pilot-scale facility: predictions of radiative heat transfer
Alastair Clements, University of Leeds, UK
12.45 Lattice Monte Carlo simulation of single coal char particle combustion under oxy-fuel conditions
Rastko Jovanovic, Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”, Serbia

Session 2B - Torrefaction of biomass


11.45 The effect of particle size on the torrefaction of willow and eucalyptus
Leilani Darvell, University of Leeds, UK
12.05 Experimental study on cofiring high shares of torrefied fuels in a 500KW pulverized coal boiler
Collins Ndibe, Universität Stuttgart, Germany

Hydrogen-rich syngas production via sawdust gasification on nano iron-zinc-alumina catalysts

Fangzhu Jin, University of Sydney, Australia

12.45 Characterization and co-firing potential of a high ash coal with Bambusa Balcooa
Samson Bada, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Session 3A - CO2 capture, modelling aspects


14.20 Neural network approach for predicting drum-boiler dynamics in coal-fired subcritical power plant
Eni Oko, University of Hull, UK
14.40 Modelling and simulation of intensity regenerator for post combustion CO2 capture
Atuman Joel, University of Hull, UK
15.00 Modelling and optimisation of a post-combustion CO2 capture process using neural networks
Jie Zhang, Newcastle University, UK
15.20 Steady state simulation and exergy analysis of supercritical coal-fired power plant with CO2 capture
Akeem Olaleye, University of Hull, UK
15.40 Optimal functioning parameters for a Stirling engine heater
Fethi Aloui, Université de Monastir, Tunisia

Session 3B - Coal-derived products 1


14.20 Predicting coking pressures through a combination of different analytical parameters
Miguel Castro-Diaz, University of Nottingham, UK
14.40 Impact of coking conditions on CSR
Philip Bennett, ALS Coal, Australia
15.00 Characterisation of coke oven residue and coke particulate analysis
Ed Lester, University of Nottingham, UK
15.20 Evaluation of coking coals
Philip Bennett, ALS Coal, Australia
15.40 Study of integration of croygenic air energy storgae and coal oxy-fuel coal combustion through modelling and simulation
Mathew Aneke, University of Hull, UK

Tuesday, 16th September


Session 4A - Flow measurement


09.00 Flow characterisation of coal and inert particles in a circulating fluidised bed using an electrostatic sensor array
Wenbiao Zhang, North China Electric Power University, China
09.20 Development of an electrical array sensor for monitoring particle size, velocity and concentration in a pneumatically conveyed coal/biomass flow
James Coombes, University of Kent, UK
09.40 Concentration measurement of pulverised coal in pneumatic conveying pipelines using acoustic emission and electrostatic sensors
Xiangchen Qian, North China Electric Power University, China
10.00 Theoretical study on leakage of urban medium-pressure natural gas pipeline
Peng Xu, University of Hull, UK

Session 4B - Low rank and brown coals


09.00 Processing of low rank coal for various applications
Roland Aekersberg, Loesche, Germany
09.20 Reactivity analysis of Thar (Pakistan) lingite under various conditions in a thermogravimetric analyser and combustion in a pulverised fuel rig
Muhammad Tayyeb Javed, University of Leeds, UK

Simulation of thermal stresses in membrane walls of a coal-fired boiler using CFD and FEM tools

Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece


Fast pyrolysis of a German brown coal in a pressurised drop tube reactor
Stephan Siegl, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany


Session 5A - Characterisation


10.45 Bond Index and Hardgrove Grindability Index test for biomass and coal
Orla Williams, University of Nottingham, UK
11.05 A novel procedure to identify mercury species in carbonaceous materials
Marta Rumayor, CSIC, Spain
11.25 Combustion perspectives of Pakistani coals with specific emphasis on Salt range and Trans Indus coal
Shafiq ur Rehman, University of Sheffield, UK
11.45 Using micro-Raman spectroscopy as tool to predict slagging and fouling propensities of coals
Herman Potgeiter, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
12.05 Pumps and Compressors in CCS Transport Pipelines
Chima Okezue, University of Hull, UK

Session 5B - Boilers and combustion


10.45 Characterising the effects of moisture on solid fuel combustion using experimental and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis
Archi Sarroza, University of Nottingham, UK
11.05 CO2-enhanced coal gasification in circulating fluidised bed reactor
Martyna Tomaszewicz, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
11.25 Comparison of explosion characteristics of Colombian and Kellingley coal
Gordon Andrews, University of Leeds, UK
11.45 Coal combustion and performance of a circulating fluidised bed boiler - a case study
Saravana Bavan Balakrishnan, Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK
12.05 Optimal integration of a coal-fired power plant to a CO2 capture plant based on parametric studies
Elvis Agbonghae, University of Leeds, UK


Session 6A - Oxy-fuel combustion


13.40 3-D reconstruction and characterisation of oxy-coal flames on a 250KW combustion test facility
Moinul M Hossain, University of Kent, UK
14.00 Kinetic study on pressurized oxy-fuel combustion of coal chars
Piotr Babinski, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
14.20 Nickel nanoparticles for enhancing carbon capture: temperature-dependent kinetics and applications

Gaurav Bhaduri, Newcastle University, UK

14.40 Exergy analysis on pollutant emission and environmental impact assessment of power plant
Wenhuan Wang, Shanghai University, China

Session 6B - Emissions


13.40 Fuel enrichment clean coal technology for improving efficiency and reducing emissions
Syed Sheraz Daood, International Innovative Technologies, UK
14.00 Conversion of SO2 during pressurized oxy-fuel combustion
Janusz Lasek, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
14.20 Mercury retention by fly ashes from oxy-fuel processes
Nuria Fernandez Miranda, National Institute of Coal, Spain
14.40 Activity and characterization of a Ce-W-Ti oxide catalyst prepared by a sol-gel method for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Ye Jiang, China University of Petroleum, China

Session 7A - Biomass 1


15.25 Single particle flame-combustion studies on solid biomass fuels
Patrick Mason, University of Leeds, UK
15.45 Mechanical degradation of woody biomass pellets during storage in stockpiles
Shalini Graham, University of Nottingham, UK
16.05 Vinasse – a potential biofuel, co-firing with coal in a fluidised bed
Muhammad Akram, University of Sheffield, UK

Study on energy integration of a CO2 capture process with a power generation process

Jian Chen, Tsinghua University, China


Session 7B - Coal-derived products 2


15.25 Processing of hard coal fines by binder briquetting for use in smelting reduction processes
Reinhard Lohmeier, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
15.45 Inhibition of chlorinated organic compounds production by co-pyrolysis of poly (vinyl chloride) with cation exchanged coal
Motoyuki Sugano, Jissen Women's University, Japan
16.05 Opportunities to improve the utilisation of coals for blast furnace coal injection
Julian Steer, Cardiff University, UK
16.25 Flow measurement of pulverised coal on a full-scale power plant using ring-shaped electrostatic sensor arrays
Xiangchen Qian, North China Electric Power University, China

Wednesday, 17th September


Session 8A - Ash, trace elements and deposition


09.00 Advances in understanding trace element partitioning during pulverized coal combustion
Wayne Seames, University of North Dakota, USA
09.20 Correlations of ash fusion temperatures for ashes from hard coal, lignite, and biomass with mineral composition under different atmosphere conditions
Markus Reinmöller, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
09.40 Major and trace elements in coal bottom ash at different oxy-coal combustion conditions
Bilainu Oboirien, CSIR South Africa, South Africa
10.00 A regime-segregated model for trace element partitioning during pulverized coal combustion
Wayne Seames, University of North Dakota, USA
10.20 Corrosion in oxyfuel environments and the effect of coal and biomass ash deposits
Toore Rizvi, University of Leeds, UK

Session 8B - Pyrolysis, UCG, liquefaction


09.00 Experimental study on the impact of pressurized gases in the efficient energy conversion of gasified coal-char to syngas in the context of underground coal gasification
Eleni Konstantinou, Cardiff University, UK
09.20 Direct liquefaction of lower-rank coals as a sustainable route to fuels
Martin Trautmann, University of Stuttgart, Germany
09.40 Characterisation of biomass char structures
Ed Lester, University of Nottingham, UK
10.00 A novel nano-Ni/MgO catalyst for hydrogen production from steam reforming or ethanol/methanol
Kaiqi Shi, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
10.20 Mechanism of improving slurryability of brown coal by using solvent pre-treatment
Meng Liu, Southeast University, China


Session 9A - Biomass 2


11.05 Experimental ignition of biomass and coal particles in oxy-fuel atmospheres for CO2 capture
Hannah Chalmers, University of Edinburgh, UK
11.25 Prediction of biomass char yield and reactivity by universal correlation with aromatic carbon content
Philip Jenkinson, University of Nottingham, UK
11.45 Synergetic effect during biomass co-firing under oxy-fuel conditions
Timipere Salome Farrow, University of Nottingham, UK
12.05 Experimental study on ignition behaviour of coal and biomass in a visual drop tube furnace
Tom Bennet, University of Nottingham, UK
12.25 Simulation of conventional and CO2 enhanced biomass gasification: a comparative assessment using aspen plus
Kaiqi Shi, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

Session 9B - IGCC and gas turbines


11.05 Dynamic simulation study on IGCC process with novel activated carbon based pre-combustion carbon capture
Yue Wang, University of Warwick, UK
11.25 Large eddy simulation of combustion instability in gas turbine engines
Jianguo Wang, University of Hull, UK
11.45 Effect of alkali concentration on the synthesis of Na-X zeolite form Lakhra coal power plant fly ash
Suhail Soomro, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Pakistan
12.05 Application of Helmholtz resonators as combustion dynamics stabilising devices for advanced power generation
Philip Rubini, University of Hull, UK
12.25 Heat integration study of combined cycle gas turbine power plant integrated with post-combustion CO2 capture and compression
Xiaobo Luo, University of Hull, UK